A coat to wear, keep warm, and be yourself.

This fall fashion-designers Mirte Engelhard and Jet Teunis will collaborate on a collection of women’s coats for the coolest, strongest women of the Netherlands. Teunis and Engelhard have developed a collection for the femme fatale of 2018. A line of coats in to be a woman in, a mother, but most importantly the most beautiful version of yourself.

As a woman in the present-day western society you have to deal with constant contradictions. You have to be and do all sorts of things. You have to be a good mother, but you also have to have a life outside the home. You have to have a nice body, but you also have to drink wine and eat cake to be social. Go get a carrier, ‘be a girl-boss’, but don’t be too bossy or independent or you’ll be labeled a shrew or a bitch.

Sweet, though, beautiful women, shake it all off, take care of yourself, be yourself and don’t be afraid to thoroughly misbehave once in a while.

The collection consists of an eclectic mix of textiles such as leather, floral satin, soft wool, and striped tricot. All coats have been designed with a nod, under the motto ‘don’t take it too seriously’. As such the most chic robe for example has a fluorescent inside and is an oversized coat finished with a neon orange strap.

All jacket can be seen, tried on, and admired on the 30th of September during the presentation in Café Brambergen, the meeting centre of ‘Stichting Natuurmonumenten’ (Foundation for Natural Monuments) het Gooi at ‘s-Graveland. To celebrate the kick-off there will be a walk beforehand in the nature reserve around the café. As many women and mothers as possible, babywearing or not, will join for a walk of 5 km. Ten of them will be wearing the different coats so everyone can see them in action right away.

Engelhard and Teunis joined forces and made this collection for the strongest women of the Netherlands. A line of coats in which you are the most dazzling version of yourself and in which you feel beautiful as a woman and as a mother. A coat in which you can hop on your bike and be weatherproof, a coat as a house, and a coat to not have to worry about baby naps, but carry them with you in your life. Misdraag Je! (meaning: Misbehave!)

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