• Our Nursery!

    It’s finally finished! Our nursery! In only a little while our little one can sleep here, be cleaned, bathe, and dream. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve collected everything, painted the wall, and chosen the perfect colour for our old linen closet. It all came together and really completed the room. In this case [...] Continue Reading
  • Rooming-in or rooming-out?

    In the Netherlands, it is becoming increasingly normal that (new-born) babies, at least temporarily, sleep in mommy’s and daddy’s bedroom. It is actually quite old-fashioned, because our grandparents generation didn’t know any differently. But what are really the pro’s and cons of ‘rooming-in’? First some terminology: Cosleeping is sleeping with just an arms length of […]

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  • There we go!

    Hello world! There we go… A new year, a new website and a new blog! We got the idea that we were more making a movement than selling clothes, so we decided to share everything around our vision, mision and thought on this journal. Our mission on how to raise children is so strong, that […]

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