I like to stay

inside all day

– said no child ever

Let kids be kids again!

All of our designs are inspired by children and their way of living out loud. Days spent running barefoot, playing make-believe, and, most of all, living life with fearless enthusiasm.

Healthy Growth

Growing (up) means being able to move freely. Being able to roll, crawl, run, climb, and bike without hinderances.

Uniquely Innovative

Every child is unique, and so are our products! Every item tells our story and looks just a tad different.

Grow up Green

Our children will one day also be mommies and daddies and we want that the world looks at least as  beautiful for all next generations.

Jet’s Journal

We share everything we know about growing up, family life, and children on our blog

Don’t feed on a Schedule!

This week is world ‘breastfeeding-week’ and yet I’m starting this blog by talking about formula. I’m doing this because the history of formula or bottle feeding has everything to do with the best tip for everyone that wants to breastfeed or is breastfeeding! It has been 100 years since formula has become available. In and […]

What to do with all the guide-lines?

Sometimes I go crazy because of all the guidelines that exist concerning babies, children and parenthood. How much can they eat? How often do you give them a bottle? How much sugar is ok? Or is it better to avoid sugar and salt altogether? But then how do you do that with preservatives in jars […]

Are our tie-able babybonnets sensory-friendly?

It is said that a combination of wool and silk would be sensory-friendly (especially in bonnets). I wondered what this was based on and wether it’s true or not.Bonnets dampen sounds, regardless od their material and I think that that’s ideal for busy birthdays, fairs, or when going into town for the morning. Your baby […]

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