Don’t feed on a Schedule!

This week is world ‘breastfeeding-week’ and yet I’m starting this blog by talking about formula. I’m doing this because the history of formula or bottle feeding has everything to do with the best tip for everyone that wants to breastfeed or is breastfeeding!

It has been 100 years since formula has become available. In and of itself not a bad development, because for some families it provides a necessary solution. But because there were a lot of problems at first, due to contaminated water or wrong proportions for example, this meant that doctors starting getting involved with feeding your child in general, including breastfeeding. (For what that looked like in my head you can watch our video.)

Doctors, in those days all men, with little understanding of how feeding children was supposed to work, thought that they had to design protocols quickly to help fix all the problems and guide people in the right direction.

They determined how often you HAVE TO feed, how long you HAVE TO feed, how much you HAVE TO feed ect., ect. Because of these protocols that suddenly applied to all the ways you feed your child caused stress on mothers and this causes more problems when it came to breastfeeding. Children got too little, children had to be held off until the next scheduled feeding. The natural instinct of women and babies was no longer trusted and even worse, they got insecure.
Sadly, even today we haven’t let go of all of these protocols everywhere. I still meet many women that failed at breastfeeding with these recommendations (that were more like a command) of different ‘experts’ (see out previous video). This is a shame! Breastfeeding goes best in countries that use this clock. So moms, get rid of that clock, watch or app, trust in your own intuition and try to have a relaxed attitude around breastfeeding!

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