Guess who’s back in stock…

We’ve had to for it a while, but we’re finally back in stock! Our nice, soft wool nursing tops. Every time we order a new shipment, they fly out our studio-door like hotcakes!

With the birth of your child you’ve delivered a top-notch performance, that some call a marathon with our training. That week in particular it is important to take care of yourself, eat well and dress warm. Not just your child needs warmth, you do too!

You need your energie for the recovery, for breastfeeding your child and for interrupted nights.

Every now and then we get an email from a proud mum that wants to tell us how happy she is with these tops. Among other things they usually say: ‘especially during the maternity period’. Aside from making us blush, these emails make us happy that we can contribute to your own happiness and recovery, that we can add something to the one of the best moments with your little one: a relaxed moment of breastfeeding!

Let the oxytocine flow!!

Because we know a numbers of moms were waiting for these tops, with some checking the website daily hoping for a new stock, we’ve come up with an idea.We’ve received a number of tops for which has incorrect lace. The quality is exactly what you’re used to. Some brands would throw these directly into the garbage, which is a bit of waste right? And not really in line with sustainability!

Are you buying 3 tops? Than we will gift you an additional ‘misfit’-top! You won’t have to do anything extra for this, it will automatically be added to the box. Enjoy!

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