Inspired by children
and their way of living out loud

JETPAQ was founded in the summer of 2013. Jet Teunis, the owner and designer of JETPAQ, graduated from ArtEZ Fashion Design. She didn’t feel right about the way children were growing up these days: more and more behind computers while parents pay less attention to the needs of the child. So she decided to do something about that and started JETPAQ.

They are various groups of people working from a different vision on raising children: More attention to the needs and development of the child itself. The downside of this movement is that is often associated with a ‘tree-hugging’  image, it’s alternative, not mainstream. That’s why there is now JETPAQ. A company that makes beautiful, fresh products to stimulate parents to have fun and explore with their children. No articles to dress up mom’s princess, but items that were created for the pleasure and convenience of both parents and child!


JETPAQ challenges you and wants to inspire everyone
to let their little one grow up as safe, green and healthy as possible!

Core Values

The next four core values summurize our mission. All of our produces, articles, and activiteits stem from the following viewpoints.

Let kids be kids again!
A child really has to be able to be a child again. All of our designs are inspired by children and their way of living out loud. Days spent running barefoot, playing make-believe, and, most of all, living life with fearless enthusiasm.
Clothes that are allowed to get dirty, fit for climbing trees, collecting chestnuts in different pockets and to run around outside in.

Healthy Growth
If you’re still at an age that you can wear sweatpants everyday, because not a lawyer, banker, or carpenter, why wouldn’t you?
Growing (up) means being able to move freely. Being able to roll, crawl, run, climb, and bike without hinderances.

Uniquely Innovative
Every child is unique, and so are our products! Every item tells our story and looks just a tad  different. Our products are drawn, developed, and tested with a lot of care in our studio. Only when we think it’s absolutely perfect, it is handmade to subsequently be hand printed and dyed.
All of our products tell their own story. More information on every item can be read on the productpage.

Grow up Green
Our children will one day also be mommies and daddies and we want that the world looks at least as  beautiful for all next generations. For us this means: Let’s burden our planet as little as we have to and both treat and pay everyone fairly.
JETPAQ works with ecological materials and pays and treats everyone that contributes to our products fairly.

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