The best shoe is no shoe!

The best thing for us humans is to walk around bare foot all day. But while we’d rather do nothing else we can’t fully go without shoes anymore. And if you have to have to wear shoes anyway, because of our streets and the pollution, then what is important and why?

A very flexible sole
Muscles get stronger if you use them! Walking without support is a natural exercise to train, strengthen and improve. You do this by feeling uneven ground, sand, grass, gravel, or a tree branch underneath your feet. Then you’re training your feet in pushing up and balancing. Which in turn has a positive effect on your whole posture. 

A flat sole and a flat footbed with minimal support.
Another important job of the arches is the suspension, which is why this part arches up a little. You could see it as the shock absorber of your foot. By filling up the arch or by reinforcing it you are depriving the foot of her shock absorber.

Give your toes some room!
The foundation of a good shoe is to ‘not be in the way’ of your feet. For many shoes the front narrows, because it looks good and this is currently fashionable. By giving your toes room you also give them room to grow and to develop.

Heel: this powerhouse doesn’t need help!
Your foot and heel have carried our body weight day in day out for centuries. Nature has built us in such a way that the heel, together with the rest of the foot, can easily handle this! Elevating a heel or hardening the heel part is not necessary!

Test it!
Want to know how rigid your shoe is and how much it’s supporting your foot? Roll it up! Can your shoe do that? A real barefoot-shoe is characterised by being able to be rolled up!

Of all body parts for which parents bring their child to the doctor the foot is the most common. We’ve come very far in remedying, supporting, and solving, but let’s start at the source, take better care of your feet!
And when you come home, take them off!

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