What to do with all the guide-lines?

Sometimes I go crazy because of all the guidelines that exist concerning babies, children and parenthood. How much can they eat? How often do you give them a bottle? How much sugar is ok? Or is it better to avoid sugar and salt altogether? But then how do you do that with preservatives in jars of baby food? Do you give them meat before they’re one year old?

As soon as you have your positive pregnancy test it already begins; what can you do and what can’t you do? What can you still eat? Five hundred different list of what to buy for your baby, but what do you actually need?

What do you need to listen to and what should you let go in one ear and out the other?

I have gotten to experience two pregnancies and had two beautiful children. Both very relaxed, healthy and without allergies or other problems and yet I was distracted by the nurse from the child health care clinic that told me that Klaas was growing a little above the curve. And not just the curve and the (prejudiced) clinic put me off my game. Also, a man on the train that spoke extensively about the negative effects of my son watching a video on my phone, a family member that wondered out loud whether or not he should sleep in his own bed sometimes or a friend that asked a little too emphatically whether it wasn’t too hard to carry my child in a sling so much… If I then consider that that I am pretty self-assured as a mother en Koen and I completely agree that our approach to parenthood is the right way, how insecure must other, less self-assured parents, become from all this?

If I then consider that that I am pretty self-assured as a mother, less self-assured parents, become from all this?

To provide a small contrary opinion to all the recommendations, we’ve started our own YouTube channel. While many parents, experts and nice people help us and contribute to the thought process, I am the face in front of camera. Hey! How can we help you? What topics would you like to see investigated and/or highlighted?

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