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  • The best shoe is no shoe!

    The best thing for us humans is to walk around bare foot all day. But while we’d rather do nothing else we can’t fully go without shoes anymore. And if you have to have to wear shoes anyway, because of our streets and the pollution, then what is important and why? A very flexible soleMuscles […]

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  • About Mammoth Wool

    Since our founding, 5,5 years ago, we’ve been searching for the most beautiful and best materials for our collections. After a lot of washing, testing, and dyeing we now have a collection that is beyond pretty. This collection is made from the crème de la crème of wool. Some wool we find on the roll, […]

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  • We love Wool body’s!

    Baa, baa, black sheep, Have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, a Body Full! When Jet, the designer behind JETPAQ, became a mother, she couldn’t find the perfect wool body. A body that is perfect for mother and child: perfect for washable diapers, it can be washed quite hot and even can be tumble [...] Continue Reading
  • A coat to wear, keep warm, and be yourself.

    This fall fashion-designers Mirte Engelhard and Jet Teunis will collaborate on a collection of women’s coats for the coolest, strongest women of the Netherlands. Teunis and Engelhard have developed a collection for the femme fatale of 2018. A line of coats in to be a woman in, a mother, but most importantly the most beautiful [...] Continue Reading
  • Why Babywearing is so important

    It is European Babywearing Week this week, therefore I am taking a moment to consider ‘babywearing’. When Klaas was born, I already had the baby sling ready. I hadn’t read a lot about ergonomic babywearing, I had no idea why it’s important, I just thought it seemed nice. Four days old and he was already [...] Continue Reading
  • Our Nursery!

    It’s finally finished! Our nursery! In only a little while our little one can sleep here, be cleaned, bathe, and dream. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve collected everything, painted the wall, and chosen the perfect colour for our old linen closet. It all came together and really completed the room. In this case [...] Continue Reading