We love Wool body’s!

Baa, baa, black sheep, Have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, a Body Full!

When Jet, the designer behind JETPAQ, became a mother, she couldn’t find the perfect wool body. A body that is perfect for mother and child: perfect for washable diapers, it can be washed quite hot and even can be tumble dried! We made them in 12 colors, and they are o so soft!

We choose wool because of the many good qualities.

Wool has several very nice properties: Wool feels warm when it’s cold and cool when it warm, wool breaths and wool is very absorbent. Because of the good isolationist properties of wool, it’s very comfortable both with heat as well as cold. This is due to the fact that between de small curled fibers of wool there is a lot of stagnant air. Stagnant air conducts heat very poorly. Wool can also absorb a lot of moisture (up to 40% by weight) without feeling damp.
In short, we think it is the perfect basic component for (baby)clothes and indispensable in your wardrobe. Unfortunately, wool also has quite some downsides, so for our collection we went looking for the perfect blend.

Because we at JETPAQ are experienced when it comes to textiles we went to look for the perfect combination to make the ideal body.

After a lot of testing, calling, knitting, and searching in all nooks and crannies of Istanbul, where are producer is located, we found the ideal blend. Wool with artificial silk (also known as Rayon).

Wat is artificial silk?
Rayon fibers are made from wood pulp that gets converted to fibers usable for knitting. You can compare this process to the conversion of bamboo fibers to usable textile. So, is this process not very polluting? What most people don’t know is that cotton and silk are especially damaging to the environment (by washing, usage of pesticides, not to mention the animal cruelty involved in silk) and usually less fair-trade because of the intensive processing.
Rayon is similar to cotton, but more environmentally conscious, smoother, and softer. It has a higher absorbency (150% more than cotton!) and is very pliable. Rayon is also more environmentally conscious than bamboo and that was the deciding factor to go for this fiber.

Rayon wears a pleasantly as cotton while the fabric is softer and suppler and feels silky, oddly enough after being processed this cellulose fiber displays much of the same properties as silk. It is due to this fact that it is nicknamed ‘artificial silk’.

Why is this body the the best one on earth?

When you mix the components described above, make a blend, it makes the perfect combination in our opinion. They cancel out each other’s flaws. Wool wrinkles quickly while artificial silk is very smooth, pleats easily but doesn’t wrinkle. Wool pills quickly while the smooth rayon doesn’t pill at all. Wool is hard to wash, but blending creates a so-called ‘super wash’, making it completely user-friendly. Wool is delicate and has a low tensile strength, rayon on the other hand is super strong. But in all honesty, you should really just feel it. You would want to live in these rompers!

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